The mission statement

Welcome to my site and its first post!

Alright here we go… Looking forward to making it big in the blogging world. Deciding on what to blog about was a big decision but I needed to find a bigger purpose in my life and an outlet to share my experiences. Initially I thought I should talk about my work in digital marketing and offer opinions about current trends. Yet feedback I received from others was to build a site around a story or something that impacted my life and to stay away from giving opinions. Especially since opinions are everywhere these days and it would be nice to stray away from that and focus on a story instead. To write a worthwhile blog, I had to think really hard about my life and a unique story that would be worth telling. It didn’t take long for me to finalize my decision after that. I knew that if I were to write about my life it would have to be my fight with cancer. Not an easy subject for me to talk about especially when some of my close friends don’t even know I’ve been through it. A deep subject for sure however when conferring with friends and family it further solidified the narrative of this site than talking tech. So my plan is to discuss my experiences with cancer and how it’s affected my life today by providing it with more purpose. The goal of this blog is not to have you leaving depressed and feeling sad but having a brighter outlook for life like I do. Personally it’s made me more aware of the value of life and how to take on any challenge head on.

My experience is certainly not unique as there are many of those who have fought the same fight. This is also probably not the only blog out there that talks about this subject either but it is my own experience and how my life has been impacted. Looking forward to sharing it and hearing your thoughts…